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We wouldn't be here without our valued sponsors!          

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Karelia Riding Instruction is proudly sponsored by Horseland Canberra.

We are very excited to have the support of such a major sponsor as Horseland, which has been our number one point of call for all our horse gear and saddlery from day one.

Whether it's casual riding gear or top show gear you're after, Horseland has it all to suit every budget.

The staff at Horseland Canberra are knowledgeable, experienced and friendly offering great advice and service with a smile.


Master Farrier - Arlo Stephens.

Arlo Stephens

Arlo has a beautiful way with our horses, keeping their hooves looking nicely balanced and healthy.

Lucy the Dentist

Karelia Riding Instruction’s horse dentist is Lucy O’Shaughnessy.

Lucy  from Southern Tablelands Equine Dentistry does a wonderful job keeping the Karelia horses’ teeth in good working order. It’s so important to have your horses teeth checked regularly to ensure there are no sharp edges causing pain and discomfort while the horse is eating or being ridden. Karelia trusts Lucy O’Shaughnessy with the job, and admires the way Lucy is so gentle yet effective when dealing with each horse. At Karelia our horses come in all shapes and sizes, young and old with their own temperaments and issues to deal with and Lucy has handled all our horses beautifully with kindness and a lot of knowledge and expertise. She is also very reliable and honest with very competitive rates.

Karelia has no hesitation in recommending
Lucy O’Shaughnessy for all your horses dental work.

Lucy O'Shaughnessy
0407 237 909

PO Box 340
Braidwood NSW 2622
Regularly servicing the ACT and surrounding areas, the NSW South Coast, Southern Highlands & Tablelands, Wagga Wagga, Sydney, Newcastle and orange. Now also regularly servicing Melbourne and surrounding areas in Victoria. Other areas can be arrange on request. Interstate bookings available for groups.

The Equine Touch

Col Dahlenburg of The Equine Touch takes great care of Karelia's horses and helps make sure they are all working at their best and feeling comfortable. Col is very reliable and takes a detailed interest in each horse as an individual and it's amazing to watch him work.

Equine Touch is a dynamic, non-diagnostic, non-invasive discipline which addresses the connective soft tissue, fascia and muscle. Equine Touch works at a holistic level. In practice it is a complete Equine Bodywork system which sits upon a specific body balancing foundation consisting of a series of precisely choreographed vibrational moves performed gently over specific points in predetermined patterns which when processed by the horse allows it to attain
the ideal state of homeostasis at all levels.

At Karelia we have had remarkable results with all our horses, particularly Silver who had a terrible truck accident years ago, leaving her with a back injury and lameness on and off ever since. We have tried everything but Col's Equine Touch has been the only therapy so far to really work and get Silver up and going again, happy and sound under saddle.

We say a huge thank you to Col Dahlenburg of The Equine Touch for his support of Karelia Riding Instruction, and our horses really appreciate and look forward to his visits.

Rushe Photography

Karelia is proudly sponsored by Rushe Photography.

Jerusha has an amazing eye and captures the unique images that Rushe Photography is famous for.

Rushe sample 1         Rushe sample 2

See Rushe Photography website for details:

The Equine Touch     The Equine Touch

Karelia Riding Instruction is prouto announce that we are now sponsored by Allan McRae Animal Chiropractor.  

We are very fussy about who touches our horses, and Allan has been our Horse Chiropractor for over 15 years now! Keeping all our horses sound and happy.

When a horse isn't feeling right, Alan is the first one we call. He has amazing feel and no nonsense approach, always knowing exactly where the horse is sore with the ability to fix it first go.

Alan visits Karelia fortnightly as a valued part of our Karelia family and all our horses just love him.

EA Level 1 Dressage Coach and quiet, well educated horses for all ages.
Enroll now for regular or one off riding lessons on 0416 335 217.

or via email :

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